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PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer actively undertaking any design work and this business is now closed. I am having far more fun with my new venture: Gate Foot Forge


I’m a freelance graphic designer, photographer, illustrator and general creative type working out of a lovely old house that overlooks the picturesque Holme Valley, nestled in the South Pennines, somewhere between Huddersfield, Leeds and Manchester.

I have over ten years’ experience in the world of design. I started out training as an industrial designer, then spent several years working for design and new media agencies around the country, before becoming the in-house designer for a self-styled anarchic cycle company. Now I work from home as a jobbing “designer for hire” – with, I might add, very reasonable rates…!

Throughout my design career thus far, I have carved out a niche producing distinctive retro-styled poster artwork – these grains of gold amongst the gravel of everyday bread-and-butter artwork have always had a somewhat cathartic experience on me… allowing me to indulge and develop my own style and to escape the corporate drudgery every once in a while.

As time has gone on I seem to have acquired a name for myself producing such works, and I’m now fortunate to get approached by clients for exactly these kinds of jobs. These humble pages showcase some of these private commissions.

Also featured on this site are pieces that I have undertaken purely for my own gratification… or, every once in a while, for a commercial punt. Let’s face it – we’d all like to be able to make money from producing pretty pictures, right? Many of the latter pieces of “personal work” are available to buy as prints from this website, so if you are interested in brightening up your wall, feel free to browse the Print Shop.

Obviously those pieces that have been produced for a commission remain the property of my clients, so it would be churlish of me to sell prints of those. However, you’re very welcome to look at some of the commissioned pieces in my portfolio, especially if you have a design job in mind for yourself… if so, get in touch and I can quote you for the job.

I’m not all about posters either – I’m willing to tackle any kind of graphic design, and have regular clients ranging from small one-man operations to huge international companies who regularly come to me for their design requirements.

When I’m not desk-bound, I’m frequently out roaming the hills with a camera. I keep my photographic portfolio on a separate website, but you can go there directly from the “Photography” link in the menu on the left. If you would like a print of any of my photographs, please contact me and we can discuss prices. I’m not averse to taking on photographic commissions either – so if  you need some quality photography, please give me a shout.

It only remains for me to say; please enjoy browsing my work. I hope you enjoy experiencing it as much as I do producing it.

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